Free at last!

Yes! I am free at last!

I used to get so exasperated. My frustration knew no bounds. Excuse me while I shreik into my handy sound muffler… my pillow. Hold your ears!

Okay, much better. May I continue? Annoyance and irritation held me captive. They danced circles around me so that I could hardly move. All because of unwelcome contact with certain types of people. You know the types I mean. You’ve met them. They’re everywhere. They speak without thinking. Act without purpose. Invading your space. Making life miserable with their inane chatter and outlandish deeds. Barely a day passes for any of us without our being accosted by this all too common, age old plague: sheer stupidity.

This blog is dedicated to revealing positive ways of overcoming encounters with stupid persons (stupers, for short). Stupers are people who are completely unaware of, feel no regret for, or care about their deficiency in brainpower. The penthouse is vacant! I am referring to here and now, everyday stupidity. Personal brushes with meager minds. I felt compelled to start this blog to serve as comfort to those of you, like myself, who’ve been held hostage by the hollow headed once too often.

I am going to provide you with case histories and anecdotes about successfully conquering stupidity. After years of experiencing, observing, researching and experimenting with many varieties of stupers, I’ve found answers. And for the very first time, I’m going to share my personal files right here, with you.

I hope that you, dear blog readers, will kindly email me at and share your own tales of the stupid. Please tell me how you handled the ridiculous encounter (or didn’t). And if you don’t mind, I might include your stories here so we may learn from, and help, each other. If you do mind, we’ll chat privately. After all, who needs public recognition? By the way, did I mention that I’ve almost completed a book about how to best manage stupidity? Guess what it’s called? “Counterfeit Humans: How to Maintain Sanity Over Everyday Stupidity.” I will include excerpts now and then, and would love to hear from you and find out what you think. I want to hear from authentic humans. Those that can think and do. It’s such a red-letter day for me when I come across thinking, breathing people that I am beside myself with joy. (Insert deep sigh of contentment).

So what’s here for you? This is the place where stupidity is revealed, processed, disengaged, then discarded….by being resolved in the best possible way. Merciless idiocy need not be a part of daily life.

Please don’t leave me here all alone. I know you’re out there. My goal is for my BFRs (Blog Friends and Readers) to be stupidity free too.

Thank you for reading. 

Until next time, keep thinking.

All my best,

Keli Garson

4 Responses to “Free at last!”

  1. T. Stanley says:

    Hello. I encounter stupidity on a daily basis. Let me preface my opinion by first stating how refreshing your blog is, I would have liked to have read about some of your own encounters as well.

    The majority of the ignorant sub- human beings are within my extended family. They speak (if you can call it that) without thinking and yet think of themselves as highly intelligent and evolved. If they’re evolved I’d much rather be a neanderthal rather than be included in “their” race. The people I am speaking of thrive in other people’s problems. This is the air they breathe. They are only happy when other’s are down and they live to gossip. Their conversations abruptly end when they have no further misery of someone else to harp on. I guess what I admire is that they are so ridiculously ignorant that they don’t even realized how empty their own lives are. Their heads might explode if they actually focused on something good and positive about someone else, ahhhh….that would be reason enough to make them see the light…

    I look forward to buying many copies of your book.

  2. Adiva says:

    This is a great blog! I enjoyed reading it.
    I can really relate. Can’t wait to read the next one!


  3. Paulyn says:

    I really like your blog. And I thought stupers exist only in our city… LOL. I don’t go out much, but each time I do, the encounters with the stupers are rather exasperating. Sometimes they make me wish I stayed home all day instead!

  4. Amit singh says:

    Hi, Reading your blog first time,and thinking about your intelligence. I must appreciate your work…Keep it up! Always!

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