Comment on “Comments”

I’ve been getting questions on the “Comments” section: namely, how do you leave one?

Go to the bottom right of the post you wish to comment about. Place the mouse on the word “comment” and press. Then give your name (real or otherwise) and email address (I promise not to publish it); you may skip the part about website (unless you have one you’d like to include), and finally, the most complex part of this blog: the last box. It gives you two numbers to add. You really do add them together and place the sum in the box. Isn’t that incredible? Almost too simple. In fact, if my brilliant webmaster didn’t live with me, I’d still be trying to figure that one out. This minor math is to make sure you are a real, live, genuine, thinking human, and not a figment of my imagination or a piece of machinery.

Talk to you soon!


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