Awards Galore!

My humble thanks to the great Brit Wit (sorry, I couldn’t resist),  Agnes of HexMyEx, for awarding me the prestigious Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. I hope she will forgive me for taking my time in picking it up, but after all, the UK is not exactly right next door. Agnes’ blog is such a splendid read that I am hooked and feel let down if I don’t visit daily. I am honored that she deemed my blog worthy. I’d like to pass this on to another blog I visit regularly and who happens to be one of my original visitors:  Another Gray Hair.  Julianne manages to transform the ordinary into the fully engaging. A must read.


 I’ve also been awarded the Blogging Star from both Daria Black and Katie. Two more humble thanks from me to them. I’m grateful to have those two in my readership. And it is a pleasure visiting their blogs.

I accept these awards while sincerely hoping my viewers are actually entertained and that they leave with useful suggestions for dealing with the vacant minded.

I pass this Star Award on to two of my more recent visitors,  Happily Anonymous  (never a dull moment) and Motherwise (chock full of excellent advice), both of whom are always fun and enjoyable reads. My thanks to one and all!

Don’t stop thinking!


5 Responses to “Awards Galore!”

  1. Great Blog, I found you through Say Anything’s blog roll. Very cool.

  2. Julianne says:

    Thanks 🙂

    It’s my first blog award. I guess I need to whip out the ol’ scrapbook for this one.

  3. Daria says:

    You deserve it Keli. Your blog always gives me a chuckle and sometimes it’s just what I need to get through the day.

    Rock on! 🙂

  4. footiam says:

    You have a blogging Star! Must be an interesting post!

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