No Customer Service = Stupidity

Definition of customer service: the ability of an organization or entity to meet the customer’s needs and wants; ideally, to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Stupers (abbreviated for emphatically stupid persons) do not view the term customer service like the rest of us do. We see two words. They see three. Another word magically appears before them, invisible to all, but the half-baked eye. The stuper sees this: no customer service. This may explain the blatant display of rudeness and the often foul attitude presented by employees/representatives of some organizations.

Karen* had an MRI (a non-x-ray diagnostic technique using a magnetic image) of her head area taken after she suffered an injury. She took time off work and drove thirty-four miles to the office of a specialist. Needless to say, Karen was in pain.

She arrived for her appointment. A receptionist sat back in her swivel chair, one eye fixed on her file…nail file, that is, and the other on Karen.

“Did you bring your MRI paperwork with you?” she asked.

“I thought the lab sent it,” Karen replied.

The receptionist suddenly leaned forward, slammed her palms down on the desk and frowned, wrinkling her nose and turning her lips inward. A puff of unsuppressed aggravation escaped her nostrils.

“Maybe if you called the lab….” Karen started.

“Your doctor has ten minutes to get it over here!”

“Uh, can you please call him?”

Karen recalled, “The receptionist rolled her eyes. I might as well have asked her if I could stick my gum to the bottom of her shoe. It was a showdown. I waited. There I was in pain and dealing with a receptionist who had no concept of people skills. This was a doctor’s office! She finally placed the call.”

“You’re lucky,” she told Karen. “They’re faxing the MRI for your head over.”

“It’s supposed to be head and neck.”

“What? You told me head!”

“Isn’t the head connected to the neck?”

Karen continued, “After that, she ignored me. Then a lab technician came in to give her something, and the receptionist leaned toward her and started whispering about me.”

I asked Karen how she knew they were talking about her.

“Because every eight words or so, she’d say ‘and Karen,’ and throw a dirty look my way.”

In some peculiar, unconscious way (it must be unconscious since there’s no thought), stupers attempt to draw attention away from their faulty mental faculties by behaving in preposterous ways. It’s an instinctive reaction, almost a protective shield of sorts. It’s a feeble attempt to divert attention from the obvious, i.e., that they are indeed stupid.

The way to counteract such utter nonsense and stupidity of this ilk is similar to the Jedi mind trick used in Star Wars by Obi-Wan. One can influence the actions of the meager minded by being firm, focused and maintaining resolve in reaching one’s goal. Stupers must be dealt with quickly, and then rapidly forgotten.

There’s no talking sense to a fool.

Keep thinking!


*Veteran readers may recognize Karen from Cookie Cutter Stupidity

6 Responses to “No Customer Service = Stupidity”

  1. Suzie says:

    Maybe she thought Karen was talking about somebody else’s neck.
    Or may be this receptionist just did not get that the head is connected to the neck.

  2. AntiBarbie says:

    I hope Karen told the Doctor she saw that day about the receptionist’s unprofessional attitude. If more people would just speak up and complain about poor customer service to those in charge of the employees, this would be less of an issue. With the exception of places where the workers are only making minimum wage, they have no real incentive to do their best.

  3. Agnes Mildew says:

    There are two requirements to being a medical receptionist, in my experience; totally rude and completely egregious. Desirable requirements include downright ugliness, inability to see or hear the patient, refusal to answer the phone until it has rung 50 times, ability to suddenly discover that your doctor has got appointments for the next ten years but the number of a good funeral home. That’s the NHS for you…

  4. Keli says:

    Very true. I’ll have to check with Karen to see if she told the Doc. If not, you’re right, she should.

    I think that should I visit the UK, I will make sure to stay clear of any and all medical receptionists.

  5. Oh no she didn’

    Putting people like that in jobs like that is either a really bad joke on God’s part, or the work of the Devil.

  6. Lil Sis says:

    I really think that the receptionist needs to have her head examined (CT) including NECK!!!!!

    Lil Sis :O

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