Stupidity in the News

I have to be bound and gagged before I listen to or view news reports. I can fill my head with rubbish quite well on my own, thank you. But I periodically sneak a peak when a ludicrous internet headline catches my attention before I am able to divert my eyes. Today’s headline came from an Associated Press (AP) news story and read:

“Hen Lays Eggs-tremely Rare Eggs”

Since I have hens who lay eggs, I was curious to discover what exactly constituted “rare eggs.” The news video showed a small, remote Mexican village and an astonished rural housewife who couldn’t understand why her hen laid green colored eggs.

To the majority of my 3.5 readers, this probably does seem a bit astonishing. But any chicken enthusiast, farmer or 4-H member knows that a certain breed of hen (Americauna or Araucauna) has a tendency to lay green or blue eggs. In fact, I have some green eggs sitting out in my coop this very minute.

The photo below shows my eggs. However, I’m afraid that my amateur photography and inexpensive camera do not do the green shade of the eggs justice. You’ll have to take my word for it. Picture the underside of a leaf – a light green hue. Just like these eggs.

Shall I call the AP news service to take a gander at my eggs? Perhaps I can sell movie rights. I can see the headline now:

“The egg phenomena continues: Eggs-traordinary hen discovered in California coop”

I value accuracy and proper reporting; consequently, this story almost gave me a panic attack. This ridiculous news reporter and her cohorts obviously did no research. If they weren’t stupers (short for incomparably stupid persons), they were doing a pretty darn good imitation. Just a few strokes of the keys and a Google search would have revealed that green eggs are no rarity.

I hope you don’t mind, intelligent readers; I had to share this half-witted AP news story with somebody. If you’d like to read it for yourselves, here it is:

I can’t help but wonder how often research-free reporting takes place in larger, more consequential stories.



4 Responses to “Stupidity in the News”

  1. Agnes Mildew says:

    “take a gander at my eggs”. I liked that little play on words there!

  2. Dan says:

    And to think that mainstream journalists have often branded bloggers as an unreliable source of information!

  3. Suzie says:

    Ha Ha!I should call AP reporter to my place, because
    my chickens lay green shell eggs with black dots on the them.

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