MotherTalk: The Natural SUPERWOMAN – book review

Stupidity gets the boot today so that I may indulge in a book review.

When I learned that the good people over at MotherTalk were seeking reviewers for a new book on women’s health, I was mildly interested. I’ve read loads of books on that very topic. I’m almost surprised I haven’t written my own by now (key word, almost). I know what to do to stay healthy: exercise regularly, eat organically and take every supplement known to man (or woman in my case). Or so I thought.

Then I discovered that the author of this “groundbreaking” new book believes that one doesn’t need to endlessly exercise, give up favorite foods or stock walk-in size closets with expensive supplements and vitamins; I quickly signed-up. And I’m glad that I did.

Clear. Concise. Chock full of common sense advice. These aren’t necessarily words normally associated with a book written by a physician. But they were the first words that came to my mind upon reading a chapter of The Natural Superwoman by Uzzi Reiss, M.D., OB/GYN and Yfat Reiss Gendell, a knowledgeable father – daughter team. Their professionalism is nothing to be sneezed at. Everything is underscored by scientific research.

The Natural Superwoman: The Scientifically Backed Program for Feeling Great, Looking Younger, andEnjoying Amazing Energy at Any AgeDr Reiss believes that focusing on four basic principles or “pillars” enable women to manage and maintain health and well-being in meeting the challenges of everyday life. These four pillars are:

1. Nutrition 2. Activity Maintenance 3. Hormone Balance 4. Mind and Mood

The chapter on osteoporosis caught my immediate interest as my sixty-six-year-old mother was recently diagnosed and advised to begin a strong, conventional treatment program. After some research, Mom decided the abundant and unpleasant side effects outweighed the potential benefits of the treatment. Her physician had not bothered mentioning the downside of the medication. Dr. Reiss not only ably discusses the serious side effects of conventional treatments, but also offers a viable, safe and alternative method for battling osteoporosis, consisting of a practical “regimen of natural supplements and exercise.” Additionally, he suggests activities to prevent and treat osteoporosis. Valuable information for those seeking choices.

I’ve read extensively about nutritional supplements for osteoporosis. But Dr. Reiss offered a first in explaining the benefits of a higher than usual dosage of magnesium and Vitamin D.

The book is presented in a genial, conversational tone. I can almost feel the patient doctor sitting next to me on the couch, chatting while sipping tea…mineral-rich green tea, of course, per his recommendation.

I greatly appreciate books written by physicians who encourage patients to explore alternative, less invasive and less intrusive means of treatment. This is just such a book. Dr. Reiss believes the patient knows more about her body than anyone else. And he attempts to help her along by asking a series of questions regarding symptoms.

Another chapter explores strategies for “proactively preventing and treating breast cancer,” through weight management and diet, among others. I was surprised to find that iodine deficiency was associated with breast cancer. Needless to say, I immediately went to my supply room and took a Kelp supplement the moment I finished that section.

What makes this book particularly innovative is the doctor’s stance on bioidentical hormones as a safe and effective alternative treatment. Bioidentical meaning an exact replica of what our own bodies produce. Unfortunately, I have not had enough time to give this section a proper read, but I’d like to and will as this type of therapy has been controversial in recent times.

As Dr. Reiss explains, to be a “natural superwoman” simple lifestyle changes enable women to reach their maximum potential. He believes our bodies can run “glitch-free,” hence making us superwomen. After reviewing much of this book, I find it easy to believe that we can indeed become superwomen.

Keep thinking!


Many thanks to Marjorie and Melissa for generously making this review possible, through the courtesy of Mother Talk.

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  1. sounds like an invaluable book!

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