Stupidity’s Favorite Words: “Can’t Do”

The average stuper (short, once again, for a problematically stupid person) will tell you that almost anything can’t be done.

Henry Ford had great difficulty pushing his novel car idea past stupers; he kept getting stuck in the mud they eagerly flung at him. They thought he was loony and perpetually rocked his boat. It was all Henry could do to keep from slipping. Even his own father tearfully begged him to return to his $25 per week job and forget about his dang blasted automobile ideas. But nothing could hamper Henry’s made-up, determined mind. Undoubtedly, he did not regret ignoring those whose very existence depended on telling him what could not be done. He chose to utilize his own head instead.

For decades, my friend Debra practiced as a dentist. Tired of peering into mouths all day and standing on weary feet, she longed to switch careers and start her own beauty product company.

“People, including my own mother, thought I was demented for wanting to give up my salary and gamble it all on something I had no experience in,” Debra recalled. “It took me a while, but I did it, and I don’t miss wrestling with teeth or tongues one bit.”

Restricted minds are minute minds. They shrink from lack of use. And, consequently, become limited in capabilities. If I may once again provide a photo of the oppressed mind, you can see for yourself (you may need a magnifying glass):

And now, the active mind (you may need shades):

If you’ve got a dream that you long to transform into reality, make sure you don’t share it with stupers. Unless you’re searching for excuses for why it can’t be done.

Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds ~ Albert Einstein

Great minds like to think.


7 Responses to “Stupidity’s Favorite Words: “Can’t Do””

  1. Jillian says:

    Excellent point.

    I am working on making some things happen!

  2. sometimes when people tell me their ideas i smile and nod but keep quiet. i hope i’m not a stuper (i really do) but the other day a guy i have the misfortune to know told me of his plan to quit his job, move back to england and work on an oil rig for a year. not as a skilled worker, i should add.

    he went on to say that the money he made in one year, when invested, would mean that he would never have to work again.

    like i said, i smiled and nodded, however in my mind i was shouting, screaming ‘that won’t work. if it did everyone would be doing it’

    surely i’m not a stuper or has my arrogance reached new highs?

    p.s. lots of people said i was crazy to give up a well-paid job in investment advising to become an english teacher abroad. based on economics they were correct but then it’s not all about money, is it?

    great post 🙂

  3. dawn says:

    Great post. Exactly what I’ve been telling my daughter who is in her graduating year. Do what will make you happy and you’ll always love your job.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yes! Yes! Thank you! Like I always say, don’t let anyone rain on your parade. If they rain on it anyway, pop up your umbrella and keep marching. Sing louder.

  5. Agnes Mildew says:

    I have a long-standing dream which is to give up the rat race and move to the Outer Hebrides where I can nurture sheep, goats and pigs and eat vegetables plucked straight from my crofter’s garden. No people about, no idiots to spoil my day, no TV and no phones. What bliss would that be, eh?
    Unfortunately, the Outer Hebrides are bitterly cold 364 days of the year. On the 365th, it is mildly cold. And I don’t like the cold that much so it is back to the drawing board for the time-being. Perhaps Borneo is a worthy alternative…paddy fields, water buffalo and yams. Yes, perhaps that will do instead…

  6. Keli says:

    Thank you! I’m sure you can make things happen.
    The mere fact that you exercised self-control and did not rain on another’s parade ensures that you do not fall in the stuper category. And you are right, it’s not always about the money, it’s about being happy. Ideally, you can be happy and have the money!
    Completely agreed!
    I suspected you were a smart cookie. You just confirmed it.
    I love your dream, except for the bitter cold (I have too little patience to hang in there for day 365). Borneo sounds better, but I hear the mosquitoes are the size of the water buffaloes. When you win the lottery and come to visit me in California, I will show you a lovely place far from the mentally incapacitated crowd, where you may nurture all the sheep, goats, and pigs you want.

  7. Julianne says:

    Great post. We’d still be living in the dark ages if visionaries listened to their mothers.

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