Stupidity Throws a Wedding

Stupers (short yet again, for unquestionably stupid persons), have an uncanny knack for turning the people around them into stupers too. Here’s an e-mail I received that confirms this statement:

Dear Keli:

I don’t know if I’m the stuper or my aunty-in-law is. I’d like to think it’s Aunty. I’m hoping you can tell me so I can move on and stop feeling upset.

My cousin, Tamara, is getting married next month. Her parents, Aunty and Uncle, have invited over 200 people to the wedding reception. I was disappointed to discover that my daughter was not included. I’m pretty sure other nieces and nephews are invited.

Tamara and her siblings were all part of my daughter’s wedding party. When Tamara was little, my daughter babysat her and took her to the movies, etc.

Any time, there is any sort of a family party, Aunty calls the host(s) and tells them to invite her freaking bro. So we always include her brother.

Aunty is super phony, superficial and is into designer labels. She once carried around her Gucci purse’s certificate of authenticity to pull out should she need to prove that it was no phony. The purse was real; Aunty is the phony. My uncle is a cardiac specialist and has been for thirty years, so they’re very well off. Aunty tries to act sweetly and expects everyone to act the same to her. If she feels they don’t, she’s easily miffed. My daughter has been candid with her a few times, so she’s not high on Aunty’s list.

Anyway, I’m disappointed that my daughter wasn’t included, and I can’t seem to get over it. I don’t want to go to this wedding, but my mother, who is Uncle’s sister, is forcing me. I feel like Aunty is on a power trip. So is my mom.

I don’t want to talk to Aunty about it because that will only fuel her power trip. What should I do to feel better? I have visions of bi*ch slapping her.


Mom that was stabbed in the back by a stuper who is also her aunty

Dear Mom:

You don’t mention how your daughter feels about not being invited. If your daughter is okay with the lack of an invite, so should you. You should be happy for Tamara and focus on that thought rather than what or who you believe is missing from the wedding.

Perhaps you are taking this too personally. If your aunt and uncle are throwing the party, the choice of invitees is their’s. You are obviously aware of your aunt’s bouts of idiocy and have been for a very long time. Her overlooking your daughter should have come as no surprise.

Your own thoughts are making you upset. If you want to be a more intelligent person than your aunt, act like one. Although slapping might give you temporary relief, violence is not the answer. Do not allow a stuper to bring out the worst in you.

He that lets the small things bind him, leaves the great undone behind him. ~ Piet Hein

Think for yourself.


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  1. Suzie says:

    I can relate to this mom. I used to have a bakery, my very (supposed to be) close relative used to come to my bakery. One day we went to her house, guess what? She ordered her cake and pastries from another bakery and she was saying she had to send some one to pick them up because this bakery was one hour drive from her house. My bakery was just about 20 minutes from her house. All the people who ate at my bakery told me how wonderful it was. I think she is a #1 stuper.

  2. M.C. says:

    Ah stupid relatives! Everybody has them. Weddings can be real sensitive situations. I think your advice was good – don’t let stupers bring the worst out in you!

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