What is Stupidity Really Saying?

We all get this. Sometimes more often than we care to. None of us are immune to the two Cs: the common cold and criticism. For purposes of this blog, the latter C is defined as: the irritating habit of the feeble minded to attempt to improperly judge and define the merits of another person.

It’s a well known fact that stupers (short, yet again, for fearlessly stupid persons) excel in criticizing others. Is there any validity or meaning to their ludicrous and often hurtful critiques? In a word: hardly.

First, take note that such baseless criticism is really just a silent plea by the stuper. Read between the lines and you’ll realize what they’re saying: “Don’t focus on me or you’ll discover my many idiocies. Let’s talk about you. You’re far more interesting and intelligent than I could ever dream of being.”

In a major effort to divert attention away from their non-functioning selves, stupers become trigger happy, taking aim at the attributes of others, often mistakenly turning them into faults. It’s a sort of stuper self-defense mechanism.

There’s also a secondary meaning to this cracked criticism. I recall the tale of a minister almost a century ago who weekly warned his congregation against the generic sins along with one lesser known, moral violation that he took to be equally unholy: the purchase of a fur coat. He regularly decried fur wearers, insisting they were doomed to damnation. But what was he really saying?

“I want a fur coat.”

Often the criticism is not of others, but of something missing in the stuper’s own seemingly impaired life or just a simple insecurity. How many times have you shared an idea you felt passionate about only to have it immediately dismissed or criticized? Chances are that the person who offered such a reaction was a stuper. Stupers criticize not only because they’re incompetent, but because the object of the incapable critique may possess a talent, toy, a working mind or some other prize the stuper does not have.

The best way to manage careless criticism is to consider the source. Is the unappreciated critic incompetent? Jealous? Or just plain ridiculous? If so, just listen; thank them if you’re so inclined and move on. Learn from the criticism if at all possible, but do not return the favor by criticizing others.

Criticizing others is a dangerous thing, not so much because you may make mistakes about them, but because you may be revealing the truth about yourself. ~ Harold Medina

Think for yourself.



5 Responses to “What is Stupidity Really Saying?”

  1. dawn says:

    I love the quote… it is so true.
    I caught myself criticizing today and immediately apologized. It is just a matter of paying attention realizing the affect that our words have on others.

  2. Jennifer says:

    GIRL as usual you lined up the nail, wielded your righteous hammer, and hit that puppy square on the noggin. EXCELLENT observations about critical stupers … especially the insight concerning the ones who are motivated by garden-variety insecurity and jealousy. We’ve all been victims of their vitriol … but only stupers let other stupers rain on their parade. When that happens, the only thing to do is put up your umbrella and sing louder than ever before.

    And I am even now suffering from a “common” cold. WAH.

  3. New Diva says:

    Right again! How do you manage to be right so often? Oh yes, you are not, thankfully, a stuper!

  4. Keli says:

    Exactly. It is just a matter of being aware and paying attention.
    Thank you! Unfortunately, there is no cure for critical stupers or the common cold at the moment. You are absolutely right on with singing even louder!
    I hope your cold is better!
    New Diva:
    I’m afraid I have stuper moments, but I honestly do believe they are becoming increasingly rarer!

  5. Jillian says:

    Ahh. You know what else I have noticed? Not only do stupers shoot down ideas without thinking, they almost never have a suggestion of their own.

    One more reason I used to hate working in an office! Offices everywhere are full of people like that!

    Soo…. frustrating.

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