Stupidity Be Gone!

Plenty of time and space is given in this blog to stupers (short, once again, for mischievously stupid persons) in order to understand and help prevent these mindless intruders from wrecking havoc and causing the rest of us annoyance, irritation and anger. However today, I’d like to acknowledge and thank a few of the thinkers I’ve come across who admirably utilize their brain power, setting positive examples for everyone.

We all (and I exclude no one from this solar system size category) have said something or acted in such a way, as to place us in the stuper category, at least momentarily. Take me, for instance. Yesterday as I drove, I heard a clunk in the backseat of my car. The handles from my rather large handbag had fallen to one side; my whole purse teetered ominously toward a dainty orchid plant I’d just purchased, threatening to decapitate its delicate single stem. It was a life or death situation for the orchid.

I drove on a one-way street. A quick glance in the rearview mirror confirmed that no cars were around me. I slowed down and reached one arm behind me to grab the purse and move it away from potential violence.

My car weaved slightly between the two lanes. As I struggled to save the orchid, I took another look at the rearview mirror and, lo and behold, an SUV appeared close behind. I listened, but heard no sound. This motorist patiently drove without honking, racing and swerving to get around me, gesturing with one finger or uttering profanities that I rightly deserved. I stopped hogging the road and returned to my own lane. Resuming proper driving, I felt grateful to be followed by a thinker. And I felt quite foolish for driving like a stuper.

My local Blockbuster video store does not exactly hire capable employees. Never mind the fact that each and every one uncannily resembles an escaped convict and rarely uses words with two or more syllables. I once asked a worker if he knew of any good Hugh Grant comedies, to which he replied,

“Who’s Hugh Grant?”

Typical response from one who’d been in the slammer too long.

But recently, one of these so called ex-con looking types not only stepped out from behind the counter to assist Husband and myself, but actually referred us to several, high quality, family type films. And he did so with a smile while using complete sentences, including some with semi-colons and question marks. His efficiency and thought so impressed us that Husband wrote a letter to the corporate headquarters about the merits of this employee. And in hopes that they exercise care in choosing workers that can and do think.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the kindly and thoughtful Dr. Paula Creamer whom my ninety-one-year old grandma sees when she has a mind to, which is about every other month.

Do you know of any physicians today who make house calls (and I don’t mean Dr. Pepper)? Or who telephone after your visit to see how you’re doing? Or who hold your hand during the visit and tell you how much they appreciate your coming in? And who make time to see you no matter how busy they may be? I rest my case. Dr. Creamer does all these things and more. No stuper would even consider doing any of the above without some direct, immediate benefit.

Wherever a praiseworthy quality is found, it’s something creditable to all humanity. Therefore, it’s important that we take a moment to acknowledge it in others and in ourselves. Authentic humans make the world a nicer place to live in.

We become what we think.


4 Responses to “Stupidity Be Gone!”

  1. Ferd says:

    It’s cool that Husband took the time to write that letter. I think letters of appreciation speak louder than ones of complaint. Just like kids respond better to praise than to criticism.

    Sorry, Keli, but your little “stuper” moment was not a very good example. Momentary crazy driving for the sake of saving an orchid’s life is not stupid, it’s heroic! At least to the orchid!

    I’m loving your stuper documentaries, though. I’m trying to learn some lessons here, as I’m sad to admit I’ve had plenty of those moments myself. Think, Ferd, think!!!

  2. BurntMaze says:

    I feel awful that more often than not I am knocked sideways when a stranger is polite to me. It shouldn’t be like this, should it? I suppose we assume that people will be idiots because, well, mostly they are 😉

  3. Jennifer says:

    Paula Creamer? Isn’t she a golfer? Fore!

    Hugh Grant? YUM!

    I turned the WRONG WAY down a one-way street the other day! Talk about a stuper …

  4. Keli says:

    I agree; letters of praise are worth spending time on. Yes, I probably was a hero to the orchid who is now happily living in my kitchen, thank you. But still, we should pay proper attention when driving. I should have pulled over and then saved the orchid. And believe me, I remind myself quite often to think!
    You’re right, but on those occasions when they do not act idiotically, we must acknowledge and appreciate for their sake and ours.
    Yes, astute reader, she is a golf pro. I chose her name in tribute to her recent win and because she is one of my golfer son’s favs. I too have once (and only once, thankfully) gone the wrong way on a one way street! How embarrassing!

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