When Stupidity Spends My Money Before I’ve Paid

A few months ago, a foxtail, the size of a pumpkin seed, became embedded in the paw of our young German Shepherd, Barbie. Barbie put on a brave face, insisting it didn’t bother her; meanwhile, the paw started to swell. A trip to the veterinarian was necessary.

I was grateful it was Barbie and not our Aussie Shepherd, Rio. Rio loathes the vet. He loathes other dogs, cats, rabbits and all animals at the vet’s office. He loathes people in and around the vet’s office; the beige linoleum floor particularly gets on his nerves. Thus, Rio stays in the car. The vet must come to him, and even then, Rio will allow himself to be touched only after the vet showers him with treats. Rio loves bribes. Could be he was a civil servant in another life. Rio, whom we adopted from a shelter, may have been the victim of stupers (short, yet again, for abominably stupid persons)or worse; his questionable behavior stems from leftover scars.

At the vet’s office, Barbie sat nicely on the floor. She politely permitted the receptionist to pet her; she thought the linoleum floor felt cool and didn’t complain. And she pleasantly greeted the other dogs and their owners. In short, she willingly cooperated…until she met Dr. D.

Dr. D appeared innocuous enough. Picture a short Santa without the beard and red get-up. Barbie decided this pudgy fellow would look much better somewhere else…like in another building, and she proceeded to convince him of that. She barked, growled and did everything in her power to display her wayward feelings toward him. Consequently, she had to be sedated.

I left and returned hours later to pick up my little friend. I did. Then I waited to pay the bill. Dr. D happened to be sitting behind the receptionist. He was on the telephone. His conversation went like this:

“Louie? Dr. D. here. Go ahead on that remodel. I decided to expand the family room, after all. (Laughs) Yeah, I need lots of room for the grandkids. I know it’s gonna cost more money, but let’s use the Portuguese, hand-painted ceramic tile…”

And so on. I started to sweat. Just how much did one foxtail removal cost?

I ended up paying enough to tile the entire family room, with leftover pieces to use as decorative trivets for a large dinner party. Barbie gave me a groggy, “I told you so” look. I vowed never to return to the money-hungry Dr. D again.

Any professional who cannot wait for his clients to pay and exit before announcing how he was going to use the money is a stuper. Dr. D displayed thoughtlessness and preoccupation with material gain rather than concern for his patient’s well-being. If he’d just taken the few minutes he’d spent on the phone with his contractor and used them instead on Barbie and me, all of us would have felt satisfaction. And Barbie would have remained his patient.

Think first, last and always.


11 Responses to “When Stupidity Spends My Money Before I’ve Paid”

  1. Sergio says:

    It is amazing how caring some health care professionals are. Doesn’t matter if they are vets or MDs.

  2. Sarah says:

    Tell me the truth. Was it Rio who didn’t like the beige linoleum or you? I can’t believe how much vets charge these days. My dog was at the vets for about 15 minutes to treat an allergy. It cost me almost $500!!!! I guess they do think that pet owners are stupid and will pay any price.

  3. Ferd says:

    No class. No people skills. No courtesy or common sense.
    I try to avoid such people as well.
    Hope Barbie is all better!

  4. Paulyn says:

    I agree… what a stuper! He was probably trying to make you hear his conversation on purpose… you know, trying to show off… haha a real stuper!

  5. Mr Bastard says:

    7, well that’s what you asked me to do? Hope Barbie pulls through without too much Valium…..

  6. Agnes Mildew says:

    Ooooh. That’s not good, is it? I was cajoled by #2 into calling the vet on Friday evening at 6pm as the kitten appeared to have diarrohea. I did as nagged and was told that on top of the usual vet fees, there would be an extra £60 ($120) to pay…just because it was Friday night and after 6pm.
    The kitten was fine the next day (I didn’t succumb, I must admit) and we realised that he had simply gorged himself stupid on his grub.
    Vets are as bad as estate agents, they are so mercenary. #1 daughter wants to be a vet.
    And I am looking forward to my luxurious retirement property with a sea view – ha!

    A mail is in draft to you, my dear – although one of your comments did prompt my latest blog post. Thank you! Inspiration is far from near these days!

  7. Agnes Mildew says:

    PS. Hope Barbie is getting better. I have no idea what Foxtail is but it must be nasty to cause that problem…

  8. Agnes Mildew says:

    Do you know, to a certain extent, I am glad you aren’t blogging quite so often, as I am sat at the PC so rarely these days I can’t keep up with you, and feel so guilty that I haven’t commented!
    But I do hope all is well with the family and the canines!

  9. Keli says:

    Too true!
    You saw right through me. Neither Rio nor I cared for the linoleum. You think with the prices they charge, they could have used tile! (Or at least leftover tile)

  10. Keli says:

    Yes, thank you, Barbie is all better!
    I don’t think he was smart enough to show off. I do think he didn’t even notice us standing there. He had a one-track mind (little as it was).
    Mr. B:
    Good job! Yes, no extra Valium was needed, thanks!
    I fear your kitten is a stuper. Hopefully, being young, she has a strong chance of growing out of it. With the help of your #2, I’m sure she will.
    A foxtail is like a very skinny thorn. Once imbedded, it’s quite tricky to extract. Barbie excels in running around in our fields and so has become very adept at attracting foxtails. I’m thinking of going to vet school myself to defray the costs of extraction…
    And thank you, all is well, and never feel guily. We, who can think, do the best we can.

  11. Jenny says:

    Yikes, what an idjit. But I’m glad your darling Barbie came through.

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