Announcement of New Holiday Dishonoring Stupidity

Patriotic Americans, unite! Let us ‘rally round the Flag, recognizing today as Veteran’s Day. (Dear readers, please stand during the remainder of this paragraph). Our veterans have earned the right to be recognized and praised. Their sacrifices are deeply appreciated. That said, Veteran’s Day is mere background for today’s somewhat thought-provoking, yet highly practical post.

There is a petition currently being circulated in remote parts of the U.S. decrying the fact that we have an abundance of holidays. This petition contends that students, especially those attending public institutions, are given far too many days off of school. Today, schools are closed to observe Veteran’s Day, but how do you explain yesterday? Many public schools bolted their doors yesterday to psyche themselves up for today.

Citizens are frustrated and angered. Particularly those who did not get yesterday off. No one likes to be left behind. These forgotten, pitiful denizens contend that we should not attach ordinary days to legit holidays thereby creating megaholidays for no apparent reason. This is only acceptable on Thanksgiving and periodically on the Fourth of July when four day weekends are de riguer during the casual summer season, when most people are not really too productive anyway.

This month, November boasts two, four day weekends. In fact, some schools take the entire week of Thanksgiving off. No wonder everyone wants to move to the USA! (Waving of the flags please).

So what does all this have to do with stupidity? Plenty. Namely that I have discovered a means of legitimizing these ordinary, common days that latch themselves for dear life to holidays. They deserve recognition. I submit “Stuper-Free Day” (stuper being short for indubitably stupid persons).

I believe in efficiency. I declare any day appearing before or after a legit. holiday to be a Stuper-Free Day where we spend time thanking the authentic humans in our lives. No, this is nothing like Thanksgiving. No pilgrims, turkey or stuffing is involved at all. No need for family get-togethers. This holiday simply requires a bit of private time. We toss idiocy aside and focus instead on those friends and strangers who’ve treated us thoughtfully and kindly with no strings attached, personifying unselfishness. We take a moment or two to remember and thank them.

Yesterday, with a grateful heart, I recalled Patrick, a landlord we fortuitously had in the early days. Money was scarce; consequently, our rent sometimes arrived late, though always with Patrick’s prior knowledge. Instead of complaining, he bought us Christmas gifts. He personified generosity and understanding.

When my kids were in grade school, I enrolled them in a private academy. We forked over a steep tuition the first few years. Then our money situation tightened, and I informed the Headmaster we’d be leaving. She asked why, and when I explained, she insisted we stay. I looked puzzled and she whispered,

“You don’t have to pay anything.”

Not one to accept a gift without offering something in return, I became the Writer’s Workshop teacher and my children continued to attend the school.

Why would these two virtual strangers step out of their way to help us? This is what authentic humans do. Whereas those of the counterfeit variety turn their heads and fix their gaze elsewhere or stomp their feet to let us know what trouble we cause, those that think know that helping one helps all.

If you were not part of the Stuper-free day yesterday, don’t worry. Pick your own day and just take a few moments to acknowledge a wonderful, heart soaring act of kindness. In this way we create peace within ourselves.

Everyday choose the right thoughts!


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  1. MC says:

    I was just talking to the people in my bank and wondering why Vets Day was thrown on a Tuesday this year. It made no sense. Stupers must have been in charge!
    Everyday we should thank those that treat us well and be grateful for their presence!

  2. Suzie says:

    It makes me feel good, when I see or hear of some kind of act of
    kindness. Still, there are many people helping others, but unfortunately we don’t hear about them. thank you Keli.

  3. Elaine says:

    Schools were not closed where I live. Your remembrance of past Landlord and Headmaster shows how much goodness people do have and are willing to give to others when treated the same. You are an example of that Keli and it shows.

  4. Agnes Mildew says:

    There has recently been a public petition sent to our government demanding a holiday to commemorate Armistice Day – we don’t have anything apart from Remembrance Day Sunday to show respect for those who fought in the war. Thousands of us signed the petition and it was submitted electronically.

    We all received notification the other day that the PM was addressing the issue and given a hyperlink to read his comments.

    It was disgusting. An exercise in PR designed to try to save his neck. No mention of respecting the dead, commemorating their memories. Just a bland ‘Lest We Forget’.

    Politicians ought to be forced into active service overseas before they are allowed the right to expound so duplicitously about servicemen and women. In fact, I’d just get rid of the lot of them if I had my way.

    Rant over…

  5. Sergio says:

    Keli you are right , we do have too many holidays.
    I think our politicians want to have 4 days off, as often as possible!

  6. Ferd says:

    I love holidays. I look forward to them like I look forward to vacations. In fact, I try to always have a trip scheduled, so I have it to look forward to.

    But I think our students have it too easy in this country. For example, we are lagging behind other parts of the world in the sciences. China is producing far more engineers than we are. We are getting fat and resting on our laurels. I think we need MORE school time, or more stringent requirements, not less.

    The idea of stuper free time is a great one! I try to stay away from negative people on a regular basis. So the idea of celebrating that just takes it up to a higher level. I so do appreciate my stuper free time. I am grateful!

    Thanks, Keli!
    BTW, that was a nice story about the kindness of the Headmaster at your kids’ school, and about your offering to be the Writer’s Workshop teacher. Good stuff all around! Everybody wins!

  7. Keli says:

    Yes! I think we’d all be a whole lot happier on a regular basis if we did as you say.
    And thank you!
    Thanks so much!
    I think California schools are especially lax. Our local pub high school had many, many days off!
    Absolutely agreed.
    Politicians should all serve time in the military. In fact, it should be a prerequisite. Maybe we should start a petition to get rid of the lot of them and start all over?
    Yes, always the fault of the politicians somehow, isn’t it? (;
    I’ve been spending more and more stuper free time and it feels great! But I have less to write about here.
    I agree with your statement of schools. Teaching is not what it used to be or what it is in many other countries.
    I love hearing stories of kindness and to be the recipient really makes it a red letter day for me!

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