Stupidity – Cause and Effect

Lately, I’ve found myself pondering vital, life-altering issues such as: which came first, the chicken or the egg the stuper (short for a provokingly stupid person) or the recurring, nerve wrenching, imbecilic acts of stupidity? To find the answer, I decided to revisit a monumental idiot featured in an earlier post to see how his life has since fared and hopefully, to witness an awakening, or at least an enlargement, of the walnut size, meager mind.

Mr. Z, a dimwit of the highest caliber on whom I once was forced to perform a makeshift surgical brain analysis, was my case study this past weekend. Regrettably, the insufferable fool has engaged in an unending series of blundering, ruinous events since my original encounter with him. I can’t help but wonder if he became a stuper as a result of such events or if his uninterrupted idiocy caused the many missteps in his life. I stepped back in time, mentally recalling personal interactions with Mr. Z.

Once, in his role as junior golf dad and leader of the local league, he was requested by a private golf club official to clean up the course after his team finished playing. I happened to be within earshot of Mr. Z. After the official left, Mr Z. announced,

“We’re not gonna cleanup. We’ll just play at a different course next time.”

Then Mr Z grinned maniacally for an extended period of time, as stupers are wont to do, at the sheer genius of his unvirtuous plan.

Mr Z is the type who excels in pointing out the obvious. When a woman who closely resembled a Pacific walrus crossed his path, he loudly stated,

“Wow! Did you see how fat she is!” in a volume sure to stir even the remotest villages of Papua New Guinea.

I saw Mr Z at the gas station a few weeks ago. He stood a full ten feet away from me, squinting his beady, crow-like eyes in my direction. Perhaps he did harbor a shred of wisdom fear, after all, correctly assuming that I was capable of swinging my always overloaded, heavier than a bowling ball, Dolce & Gabbana leopard satchel over my head, lasso style, letting it loose at precisely the right moment to smack him squarely on the left side of his empty head, should he dare open his mouth. Observing him convinced me that spending most of one’s adult life as a stuper cements stupidity in place, making it virtually impossible to change without some drastic life-altering event, and even then…I’ve met mentally afflicted persons who’ve been persistently unresponsive and firmly remained stupers well into senior citizenship and possibly beyond.

A stuper perpetuates stupidity, leading it around like a stray, hungry dog with no other food source. Awareness obliterates stupidity, allowing one to see, and hopefully avoid, mistaken attitudes. The person who’s aware is conscious of his thoughts, words and actions. But awareness doesn’t suddenly happen. It must be carefully nurtured by a willing participant. Willingness requires effort. And this is where stupers get stuck in the mud.

We are the product of our mental processes.

Please think.


6 Responses to “Stupidity – Cause and Effect”

  1. Sarah says:

    I am one of your extremely loyal readers and I seem to remember a stuper in one of your posts a long time ago, reforming. i hate to think that none of them can change. Some do make the effort, right?

  2. Annie T says:

    He sounds very much like a former boss of mine who thought it great larks to urinate into a deflated beach ball at a rock concert, swing it round his head and let it fly into the crowd where it drenched a young girl. That was so funny…to him…

  3. Elaine says:

    “The person who’s aware is conscious of his thoughts, words and actions.”

    And this is the season where we that ‘are’ aware will muster up all the patience imaginable as we negotiate crowded stores and other public places surrounded by stupers!

    I recently found myself in a situation where there was no escape from such a person! Was I ever glad to get off that airplane 😉

  4. Ferd says:

    Wow, that Mr. Z is a piece of work! I wonder what he’d think if he knew he was used as an example of the epitome of stupidity in your blog. Well, he probably doesn’t think, does he?

    I’m going to practice swinging my AmeriBag the way your described. That may come in handy someday! ; )

  5. Keli says:

    Yes, you are right. A rare few do change by taking an action they never would have considered prior, like apologizing. That’s always a promising start. You have a wonderful memory!
    That is truly gross. I can see why he’s a former boss. Stupers do have their very own sense of humor, don’t they?
    As you may notice in my next post, I mustered up a tremendous amount of patience to deal with a stuper of monumental proportions. But afterwards, I really did feel sorry for her. It’s sad when an abundance of stupidity is concentrated in one person. I’m glad for you for getting off that plane!
    Mr Z is an unparalleled piece of work!
    I can just see you and your amazing Ameribag. Maybe we can start a trend…

  6. Jenny says:

    I knew there was a reason I liked you! It’s that D&G satchel …

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