Stupidity at the High School Level

Some questions are so thought provoking that intelligent minds could possibly explode if they contemplated them for too long. For instance, who created God? Are there life forms outside of our universe? Why are bureaucrats often idiots of epic proportions? And finally, two questions I pondered yesterday:

First, why does the robust athletic director of my local public high school convincingly resemble a pregnant walrus in her sixteenth month? I mean, shouldn’t an athletic director set a stellar example for students, bolstering their belief in physical fitness? Secondly, why does the principal of this same school inform a student from a small private school, without benefit of a competitive athletic program, that she will not allow him to play on the high school team even though, per state laws, he’s allowed to as long as incidental and simple state guidelines are followed? Why am I discussing this? Because said student is my son.

Son met with Principal yesterday. All six members of the school’s golf team and the coach stood behind him as he requested permission to play on the team. Son met all requirements; he only needed approval from the Principal. She told him she couldn’t let him play for two vital reasons:

1. There was too much paperwork involved; and

2. If she allowed him to play, she’d have to allow other students in from all neighboring schools (two total) that lacked an athletic program.

Note to self: contact the IRS without delay and tell them I’m not filing my tax returns this year because of the excess paperwork involved. But wait; isn’t paperwork part of the Principal’s job? And would it be such a dreadful act to permit students from other schools to participate? Aren’t we all part of the same , community, city, region, world?

Son, though prepared for being turned away, knowing our local high school has a very flimsy reputation, still felt a bit dejected. His hopeful teammates, however, insisted the Principal could change her mind. I shook my head with a sigh when I heard this. I am no pessimist, but how can a stuper (short, once again, for an inordinately stupid person) change her mind when there is no working mind to change? I ask you!

I’m glad to report this story has a happy ending. You’re familiar, no doubt, dearest readers, with the adage: when one door closes, another one opens. The very afternoon following this incident, Son received an invitation to play in the Toyota Tour Cup Junior Golf Series, a string of tournaments for elite junior golfers all over Southern California.

Take heart when stupidity rears its empty head. It typically presents temporary roadblocks. Irritating and annoying to be sure and oh, so exhausting at times, but impermanent. Step around and far away from the stupid among us. Remain steadfast and your goal(s) will be successfully met.

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Think first, last and always.


10 Responses to “Stupidity at the High School Level”

  1. MC says:

    Damn it! Why are public servants and teachers the biggest idiots? What’s wrong with that picture?
    Good for your son!

  2. Jenny says:

    I am no pessimist, but how can a stuper (short, once again, for an inordinately stupid person) change her mind when there is no working mind to change?

    Excellent point, and as usual very well-spoke!


    I’d go about changing her mind through the court system. There may be a silver lining around that little cloud (and I’m glad for your son’s sake that there was), but the truth is, unlike our soon-to-be IRS head, I’m pretty sure you pay both State and Federal taxes. Through the nose. Ergo, your son is entitled to play on the public school’s golf team if no law bars him from doing so. And since the numbskull principal did not cite any law as her reason for denying him an opportunity to play on the team, I’m assuming there’s no such law. I say make an example of her. I’m over here rooting for ya.

  3. Keli says:

    I wish I knew the answer. I do know that stupidity begets stupidity…
    Not one to sit idle, I’ve already contacted the State organization responsible for the bylaws that this high school is following. The law, as it currently reads, gives the high school total discretion. So as it stands, they have the right to turn down anyone they please. Nonsense, isn’t it? Thanks for your support, my dear!

  4. Suzie says:

    I think your son should be delighted and happy, everything worked out much. much better. Funny, she said too much paperwork. Any state agencies you go to (I should say public agencies), when you need some one to talk to, they pretend they are busy or going on their break. They always complain too much work and not enough pay. Stuuuuppppeeeers!

  5. Mad Woman says:

    Sounds to me like the *ahem* “overworked” Principal should thank her lucky stars that all the extra paperwork she might have had to fill out can now be avoided because someone else scored big with your son. And your son got so much more than he might otherwise have gotten if she’d let him join.

    “too much paperwork”. Ha!

    Hope the State organizations will help out.

  6. Elaine says:

    I am shocked that the Principal would say such a thing as too much paper work! Is that not her job?

    Kudos to your son and his invitation to play in the Toyota Junior Golf Series! Are we looking at a professional golfer here down the road? I’m happy this story had such a happy ending.

  7. Julianne says:

    I can’t believe the athletic director. I think HE should have to take the Presidential Fitness Test. Geez, he’d probably keel over.

    Congrats to your son on his accomplishment. Sounds like he has a future in golf, with or without the endorsement of a lazy principal.

  8. Jessica Bern says:

    I recently went to the bank to pay my mortgage in person. I asked the stupor there if by doing this, I would then NOT have my mortgage deducted from my checkign account as well. He said no, no way.

    GUESS WHAT? It was deducted twice.

    That woman isn’t just a stupor by she is just plain lazy, a sloth. I’m so happy for your son. I’m sorry, you had such an experience.

  9. I’m so glad this story had a happy ending! Congratulations to your son!

    I am with you on the athletic director’s physique. I often question who it is that goes to the very large (and not in a good way) personal trainer at our gym.

  10. Keli says:

    They are whiners, aren’t they? My son is happy, but disappointed at the same time. Here we are, a week later. The principal told Son she’d call him with a conclusive answer, and of course she was incapable of making the call. As if we didn’t know…
    Mad Woman:
    Thank you! I’m still waiting to hear back from the State Org. More stupers at work, no doubt.
    Thanks so much! My son and his pals made quite a bit of fun of the too much paperwork excuse. Stupers are quite transparent.
    Thanks very much! There are quite a few lazy stupers out there!
    Banks are flooded by stupers. Why do you think they’re currently in so much trouble? When communicating with a bank, be prepared to do battle.
    New Diva:
    Thanks! Fat and athletic should not be used in the same sentence!

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