Stupidity and Negative People

How many of us need to be reminded that our current economy is shaky? If you don’t listen to the news or read the headlines, all you have to do is hit the streets to hear: “bleak,” “…despite the economy…” “tough times,”  “gloomy,” “colossal waste of money,” “unemployment high,” and “Paris Hilton is to blame.”

Yet, there are stupers (short for militantly stupid persons) out there who think believe persist in telling us about the state of the economy, like we don’t know. I am reminded, “…it’s because of the economy that no one came to the Farmer’s Market last week.” (Never mind the heavy rains or that the week before, the Farmer’s Market was packed). I am also told, “Things are going to get worse.”

Stupers excel in spreading doom and gloom stories. In fact, they were busy spreading such woeful tales even before the current economic downturn.  Oh, how I wish these idiots who abstain from thought would do the same with words! Since they don’t, I offer my dear readers this example of an authentic human who put a moron and the economy into proper perspective:

Husband (H) is a member of a service club; an organization of business and professional people who provide humanitarian service to help build goodwill and peace on earth. Consequently, they raise money to distribute where most needed. This club annually holds a fundraiser where guests purchase tickets to a Monte Carlo type affair. This year, the Club President, a successful businessman, made this announcement in serious, quavery tones, to a rather large membership meeting:

“The economy is terrible, and we’re going to have trouble getting people to attend Monte Carlo night this year. We’ve lowered ticket prices, but things look grim. They’re not going to get better anytime soon. Don’t get discouraged if no one comes….”

You get the dreary picture. Once the Club President finished, deep sighs, downtrodden expressions and a few frozen, panic-stricken stares filled the room.

This Club invites guest speakers; this meeting happened to have the Director of an International Film Festival present, Javier Valdez. Javier had gratefully moved to the United States from the bowels of South America, leaving an impoverished life and stupers behind, or so he thought. After the Club President ended his mournful speech, Javier stood. He announced,

“We live in the greatest nation in the world. I know because I came from a country that had nothing. I came here with no education, no money, no grasp of the English language. Look at me! I am Director of a huge Film Festival. My life is a fairy tale because this is the land of opportunity. We’ve all been through hard times. We will persevere. You must believe and know that your Monte Carlo night will be a great success! Your fundraiser will be a great hit! It is up to you! Be positive and it will be so!”

Javier was met with a resounding round of applause.

We can’t control forces outside of ourselves. Witness the economy or any run-in with an idiot stuper (redundant for added emphasis). But we can control our attitudes and reactions. Have you noticed that, often, when you feel, I mean deeply feel, enthusiastic, upbeat, and/or happy, you’re met with more of the same? Anything else is a waste of our precious energy. Don’t give in to the stupid among us. Don’t allow them to dictate how you should feel. And yes, Paris Hilton is to blame.

Keep thinking.


6 Responses to “Stupidity and Negative People”

  1. Mad Woman says:

    I can think of numerous things that Paris Hilton is to blame for and this is just the start.

    YAY for Javier for saying what he did. I think some people just need to whine about something, all the freakin’ time. They’re not happy unless they’re UNhappy about something. It’s exhausting and I try to keep them out of my life as much as possible.

    Great post!!

  2. jessica says:

    Go Javier!!! There are people out there who get off on making others feel miserable b/c they are so freakin miserable. that is an energy I avoid like the plague. If the man’s like sucks he has only himself to blame but I’ll be he has never taken responsibility for his actions

  3. Sergio says:

    I don’t think the economy is as bad as they (media) feed us.
    When you go to any restaurant, expensive or not so, do you
    notice how crowded it is? Or movies, theaters, and amusement parks. Economy is not as good as couple years ago, but still it is not as bad as some people think it is.

  4. Suzie says:

    Javier, I take off my hat to you. Good for you. We are living in a great country. We should say thank you many, many times. We should know stupers are everywhere. All we have to do is to try and avoid them. I blame Paris Hilton too for our economy.

  5. Nyree says:

    I totally agree. I really do think that people are just talking themselves into a rut. Being positive is why we created our website.

  6. Keli says:

    Mad Woman:

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