Stupidity and Professors Who Don’t Use Spell Check/Should be able to Spell By Now

Before Son #2, who is still in high school, could take an art appreciation class at the local community college, he needed to pass an English examination, as did all students not enrolled in the college. Unfortunately, the professor of this class did not need to take such an exam, and it showed. Here’s an assignment Professor Wheezledorf passed out:


I perfer you view a peice of artwork for a few minutes before you write down your preception. Use seperete peices of paper for each peice you write about.

Bohemian-artistic-rebellious type, government experiment or stuper (short, as you all well know by now, for a volcanically stupid person)?¬†Either way, a college professor of any subject should at least have mastered spell-check, if not spelling basic words themselves, for heaven’s sake.

Not everyone can spell well, and that’s fine, especially if you have a learning disorder such as dyslexia; but it is not okay if you’re a chronic misspeller who works as a teacher responsible for teaching, of all things, students. Stuper teachers should use spell-check, enlist the help of a dictionary or a non-stuper who can spell ( I hear they’re quite prevalent).

Professor Wheezledorf is no foreigner; English is his first language, and he appears to have reached the ripe old age of forty which should translate into having acquired at least enough knowledge to snugly fit into a kidney shaped swimming pool that was all the rage in the San Fernando Valley in the seventies when I was a wee tot. If you, dear readers, can provide me with a legitimate excuse for his chronic misspelling, do tell, as I’m always on the lookout to gain better understanding.

If we can travel to the moon, invent post-its and use a hammer without smashing more than one finger, can’t stupers make an effort to spell words that they regularly use? It’s been said that spelling is one of the outward and visible marks of a disciplined mind. Dogged misspelling by a teacher is the obvious mark of a moronic mind.

Keep thinking.



5 Responses to “Stupidity and Professors Who Don’t Use Spell Check/Should be able to Spell By Now”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is such a pet peeve of mine. WOuld you believe my son’s 3rd grade teacher had “elephant” as a spelling word for the children to learn and kept spelling it “elefant”? This is a teacher for God’s sake!

  2. MC says:

    I think people like this just don’t care. It’s fine with them so it should be fine with everyone else. This is a stuper attitude, teacher or not.

  3. Suzie says:

    I am an American but I was not born here. I am not an English professor but I sure know how to spell these words. And They call me a foreigner?

  4. Elaine says:

    Wow, absolutely amazing. This person definitely has a problem with the letter e. He had to type the assignment using some sort of word program, which all come with spell check. Is it a matter of laziness or just another stuper as MC suggests? Either way it’s an embarrassment to the community college.

  5. Ferd says:

    Hi, Keli!

    When I was in my forties, and going through some heavy personal stuff, I finally and fortunately realized that I am not God. I realized that people had accepted my imperfect self for my whole life. I didn’t always feel the same way. I was a snob about many things, spelling and grammar among them.

    Today, there are many things I still don’t tolerate and accept, but they are the bigger negatives in life. I am much more likely to accept smaller things, like incorrect English. BUT NOT FROM A PROFESSOR!!! I would definitely hold them to a higher standard.

    You mentioned a “disciplined mind.” I think other things might go along with that, like detail orientation, perfectionism, and a degree of OCD. Some of that might not be so good. Many people aren’t born with that gene, and they are not necessarily stupers. Their brains work differently. They gravitate to different jobs. They can be very capable and accomplished in their fields. I’m thinking the professor is in the wrong line of work.

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