Talking to Yourself Out Loud: Stupidity?

Do you talk to yourself? Is talking to yourself a characteristic of stupidity? It all depends on how and where you do the talking.

I’ve been known to talk to myself. Out loud. I don’t mumble either; I speak quite clearly. I find that it helps me to remember little things and to solve personal dilemmas. I know I’m doing it. And I don’t have a problem with it. As long as I do so when no one else is around. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

I once engaged in a heated exchange with myself about a stuper (short for a distinctly stupid person) when a man suddenly appeared a few feet away from me, raptly listening to my solo conversation. In my defense, I was out walking in dense fog (the kind where, if I dropped my cell phone, I’d have to get down on all fours and bravely feel around for it).

At first, I was mortified. Had the eavesdropper heard the part where I wanted to tie one end of a rope to a chair to which the stuper was handcuffed, and tie the other end to the bumper of a four-wheel drive monster truck that I would then drive over jagged edged boulders at high speeds? All this in a herculean effort to get the stuper to put her brain to use or at least donate it to scientific stuper research. I was subjected to some heavy squinting and blinking by the suddenly appearing man as he vainly searched for the party with whom I was having said conversation.

After this incident, I kept my talking out loud to a minimum or at least within the confines of my car or home where such behavior is not totally unexpected.

I came across a woman in a grocery store yesterday who not only talked to herself out loud, but did it so others had to be involved as well.

“Don’t the pears look good?” “Should I buy some cereal?” “How about that coconut cake?” (take note, dear readers, everything is in the form of a question. A telltale sign of stupidity).

Then she decided to pull random audience members into her monologue.

“What time is it?” she yelled to no one in particular.

I heard a nearby man answer her, “Uh, it’s 4:10.”

Which made me wonder, “Are they together?” (to myself, not aloud).

They were not together, and she proceeded in this manner for the duration of her shopping.

“Where’s the bread?” she inquired, looking around her.

A kindly, elderly shopper replied, “Aisle four, I think.”

This woman was not insane. She happened to check out the same time as I did; I noticed that she managed a fairly normal conversation with the cashier. She just hadn’t mastered the art of not talking to herself loudly in public places. To do this, a trained mind is required. An aware, active mind that’s not easily distracted. All stupers need to do is to try to think more than they talk. Or simply to try to think. This starts with keeping the mouth closed and the mind open, and choosing which thoughts to include and which to discard. Only then will we be rid of counterfeit humans.



14 Responses to “Talking to Yourself Out Loud: Stupidity?”

  1. dto3 says:

    Out of the mouths of babes. . .my daughter asked me on the ride to school yesterday morning, “Daddy, why do you always talk to yourself?” I didn’t even realize I did it. A bit scary, eh?

  2. Mad Woman says:

    I always talk to myself. It’s often the best conversation of my day (keeping in mind, of course, that I’m home with kids and work with idiots at night). But I don’t think I’ve ever done it like that.

  3. MC says:

    I talk to my mutt out loud when I’m out walking. Does that make me a stuper?

  4. Keli says:

    But do you do so in public places in tones so loud as to attract a following? I bet not.
    Mad Woman:
    I understand about it often being the best conversation. Who else can possibly appreciate your conversation as much as yourself?
    Talking to infants and dogs is not the same as talking to yourself. So no, you are not a stuper.

  5. Suzie says:

    I talk to myself all the time, quietly. Actually it relaxes me. I do this at home. At public places I only talk in my head. Sometimes I notice people talking out loud who I think are stupers, but then I realize they are talking on the cell phone.

  6. Elaine says:

    I talk to myself, but not in public places unless it’s muttering something under my breath. Poco doesn’t mind me talking either 😉

    You said a mouthful here Keli “keeping the mouth closed and the mind open,” should be made into a bumper sticker or repeated every single day! So many people have closed minds and often the loudest when expressing their opinions, or trying to shove it down the throat of the poor recipient.

  7. Wow, I think I would have quite possibly had to leave out of utter annoyance. Talking to one’s self happens to all of us I think, but that lady really needs some help!

  8. Onedia says:

    Here in The Heart of Darkness I would prefer that many people speak to themselves and preferably not leave their homes to do so. Then I would not be required to overhear the words that come from their dark souls and small minds. I however may take up the fine art of speaking to myself in public as a form of intelligent discourse. Oh, here I go getting started again.

    I think your posts on the stupers (can you coin a word for people who are narrow minded and stupid enough to think that the rest of us want to hear their bile.

    I appreciate your posts that remind me that stupers come in all shapes , sizes, and locations. Keep speaking the words Keli.


  9. Onedia says:

    OOPS just read that last post and the next to the last sentence is incomplete (I guess I am in a stupor ;>)
    But I did finish the thought in the next sentence.

  10. Tom says:

    My girlfriend’s flatmate talks to herself a lot. Nothing strange there. Once, however, I heard two voices coming from the kitchen. This was strange as I knew the others had popped out to the shop. She was alone! Wow. Odd.

  11. Ferd says:

    Keli, this post was hilarious! I snickered and nearly LOL’d. (It’s late, or I probably would have had the energy to actually LOL!) I’ll put this in my Keli’s Greatest Hits folder! (It’s growing!)

    In these past few years, I’ve had a harder time distinguishing self-talkers from bluetooth-earpiece-cellphone-talkers. Sometimes I think they are schizos, talking to imaginary people, with hand gestures and everything, but then I see the earpiece. Funny!

    We have an autistic son. He talks to himself all the time. The content of his self talk is pretty sad. But he has a great excuse. When I hear people like the grocery store person you described, it scares me. Who knows what a crazy stuper might do!

    The content and context of the self talk make all the difference.

  12. Mike says:

    I had to look into this. I don’t do this myself but my brother and I share a house, and he does it daily. At first, I was always asking “what?” to hear him say, “just talking to myself”.
    I suppose it may be healthy but it is disturbing to witness. I talk to myself all the time but internally. I tend to think most rational people do in a way. Still, it’s not the same as a dialogue like some sound. Maybe trying to perfect a statement I plan to make, or a question I want to ask.
    But talking outloud to yourself as if you’re venting to someone listening? Disturbing.

  13. John says:

    For those of you who talk to yourself loudly in a house with another person in it, who can hear you- I assure you it is not normal.

    How do we know you are not talking to us?

    I despise loud people, and; anyone who yells had best not talk to me. I refuse to listen to loud men. Why should I tolerate a loud mouth women?

  14. All stupers need to do is to try to think more than they talk. Or simply to try to think.

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