No Cure for Stupidity

Scientists are so bent on unraveling cures for important and deadly diseases, they can’t help but overlook the justifiably maligned, most irritating and ever present disorder which my dear readers know and loathe, called stupidity. Which leaves yours truly to combat this grave annoyance by her lonesome.

I’ve determined, after years of careful study, that the greatest likelihood of encountering stupidity occurs while we are in or around motor vehicles. For me, last week, the mere act of sitting in the car in a parking lot, in a large shopping center, while waiting to pick up my mom, allowed me to view a near disaster involving a stuper (short, as you all know by now, for an obstinately stupid person).

The windows of my Lamborghini coupe were rolled down, allowing me to enjoy a cool ocean breeze when the high-pitched voice of a roving idiot drifted in.

“I thought I was hung over, but I’d been partying, like three days before, so I’m like, ‘can I be hung over now?’ I was just really, really sick with like a flu or something…”

I don’t typically acknowledge conversations of this caliber, preferring to lose myself in thought or a damn good song, but idle curiosity caused me to turn and look at the idiot in question. I’m always searching for something that sets stupers apart so that the rest of us can more rapidly spot them, like a good-size, neon colored sign around their necks or a post-it on the forehead. But in this case, I saw a thirtyish woman with a cell phone pinned to one ear, bemoaning her hangover/illness, while a toddler that seemed to belong to her wandered around the parking lot. Just at that moment a vehicle turned into the lane where the tot played.

I opened my car door and my mouth to holler out when the vehicle came to a screeching halt, avoiding the little mite and catching the stuper’s fleeting attention. She then grabbed the child and threw it into a nearby shopping cart where it stood imprisoned, but thankfully safe, while the hangover rant continued.

We all witness stupidity now and then; it can’t be helped. But instead of focusing on what we can’t do, let’s focus on what we can. We can realize that our lives are nourished by kindness, positive thoughts and concern for others. Even the stupid among us. Yes, I do consider clobbering the mindless now and then, particularly in this parking lot, but I do believe that unwaveringly positive thoughts can bring about positive results. If each one of us focused on creating and recreating our minds so that progress regularly occurs, there’d be no more stupid among us…and I would happily move on to my next blog. You know the one: how to manage the bit*hes and bas*ards among us.

Just think.


4 Responses to “No Cure for Stupidity”

  1. Annie T says:

    I think you should write the blog on B*tch & B*stard Management anyway. There are just as many of them around, as there are stupers. Most of them are in my family!

  2. Elaine says:

    Absolutely unbelievable! Like, I think this woman needs an IQ test before breeding any more children. I am so with Annie! Do another blog or combine it with this one. How to manage the bit*hes and bas*ards among us is a great topic!

  3. MC says:

    Stupidity is the root of all evil, not money. The lady you describe should have been arrested.

  4. Ferd says:

    “… our lives are nourished by kindness, positive thoughts and concern for others.”

    I have and will continue to meditate on each one of those three points. I so totally agree with you on them. You also preach discipline and consistency. I need to practice more.

    Thanks for lighting the way, Keli!

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