Repeat Stupidity

Once I’m done with a stuper (short for an unsparingly stupid person), I’m pretty much done. I don’t expect, encourage or incite any further contact.  However, yesterday at the Farmer’s Market, I found myself standing next to the ghastly Kimmie.

I did something I never do; I stared, hoping that if I kept my eyes on her long enough, I’d bore a hole into her empty head and poof! She’d vanish! And I’d wake up, with a vague headache, from my stuper nightmare. But Kimmie refused to disappear.

Kimmie is the one who, my readers with a photographic memory may recall, candidly informed me that because my Son #2 attends a “bogus” high school, he would not be accepted into any colleges. Those prophetic words were uttered during a holiday gathering in which I was forced to share a table with the inane Kimmie. Her so called knowledge blossomed from her expertise as a former high school guidance counselor. By former, I mean in the eighties.

I was about to shake a clenched fist in front of Kimmie’s face when she rudely interrupted two nearby shoppers to explain to them what yarrow was, an herb apparently near and dear to Kimmie’s heart, and one she was about to purchase. Observing that she was not only an expert on college acceptances but yarrow as well, I walked away thinking fatalistically that if I was meant to interact with this stuper again, I’d be given a second chance.

As I was about to leave the Farmer’s Market, I ran into …Tommy Aldridge, major drumming sensation with Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake and Ted “I love the NRA” Nugent. I’d interviewed Tommy a few years ago for a newspaper piece and bumped into him every now and then. He is no Kimmie. Though an expert and a much in demand drummer, he is no pseudo know-it-all. He is no stuper.

Just when I thought it was safe to leave, Kimmie showed up again. It seemed almost providential.

“Hi, Kimmie!” I said, smiling.

Kimmie looked at me, totally perplexed, as stupers are wont to look. Six months ago, we sat and talked for a long time; there was no reason for her to forget me, short of insanity…or stupidity. Such was the case. Because try as she might, Kimmie had no idea who I was or any recollection of my son’s “bogus” high school education. I wanted so much to tell that in fact, Son had been accepted to every university he’d applied to, and settled on my alma mater, UCLA. Just as I was about to give up, Kimmie claimed she remembered something; she proceeded to tell me about her life as a teacher and high school counselor. Again. She was still talking up a storm when I left.

There are only two people stupers are interested in: I and me. Meaning themselves. Since I fell in neither category, I never existed in Kimmie’s world. Or maybe I just had a really abbreviated shelf-life.

We’re living among impostors. They’re not aliens, though they might as well be. They’re counterfeit humans. Complete idiots. They may look like you and me…well, maybe not as attractive… but they are not like the rest of us. They refuse to use their minds.

To maintain our sanity, we must avoid the stupid among us and/or not allow them to seep beneath our skin. We must control our thoughts. Thought is not a vague, uncontrollable quality, but a function of a working mind. It’s awareness and experience wrapped up together to provide us with mental power. How we use it.. or don’t,  is up to us.

Viva la thinkers!


5 Responses to “Repeat Stupidity”

  1. rebecca says:

    Oh no she din’t! How could this stuper so conveniently forget? These imposters can’t just say mean things and pretend it never happened, but that’s exactly what they seem to do!

  2. Suzie says:

    Stupers like your “friend kimmie” seem to make up the majority of people.
    Sometimes when I am talking to some of my relatives, they pretend like they are listening, but I know they are not.
    By looking at them, especially in their eyes, you know they are miles away from you. Worthless!

  3. Elaine says:

    When I started reading this piece and hoovered over your link Kimmie (to read) I thought, hmm bet this is the dumb lady that Keli sat next to at the Christmas party giving all kinds of unsolicited advice about college admissions. Lo and behold I was right.

    I work really hard not to let the stupers seep beneath my skin, some days I am successful and other days I fail miserably. Today was a good day… encounters with stupers, only those that actually do use their brain. What a treat a day like that is.

  4. Jessica says:

    I’ve now gotten rid of my neighbor (not I didn’t kill him, he moved) so I see that as one down and and about 5 billion to go.

  5. omawarisan says:

    I’m betting Kimmy would attribute any negative reaction toward her assessment of your son’s admissibility as your inability to handle someone who “tells the truth.”

    You wouldn’t expect her to say its her, would you?

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