Stupidity Can Be Cruel

People can be cruel. Of course, there are two kinds of people I speak of: the stuper (short, as the vast majority of you know, for undeniably stupid persons) and the malicious (these persons require intent, which is a state of mind; something the idle mind lacks).

My fascination with Michael Jackson began in the seventies when I happened to ride up a Las Vegas elevator with Michael and two of his bros.  No words were exchanged, but he smiled mischievously like some one about to pull a prank, and appeared very self-assured to my young eyes.

Decades later, we lived in the same community; I saw him once in a while and heard stories from locals who’d met him. Every tale told was only of his kindness, generosity, and utter lack of stupidity. Two young teens, friends of Son #1, once excitedly described how Michael offered them a ride during a particularly rainy day when they were stuck walking home. He drove them to their destinations and extended an invitation to his Neverland Ranch.

Local schools and organizations received frequent invitations to his home. If someone needed a charitable hand, he was quick to offer it. He’d stop by the small shops and go on mini sprees, again, always courteous and gracious to employees, many of whom were astonished at his lack of pretension. During a surrealistic moment, I spotted Michael driving on a lonely country road, one white gloved hand gripping the wheel, Mack truck size bodyguard squeezed into the passenger seat.

When he was accused of heinous acts, all of this stopped as he became increasingly reclusive. He was found guilty by stupers, long before any trial. Michael became the butt of unkind jokes by the very idiots who claimed to admire him just a short time before. I remember Judy, the original stuper, making numerous cracks about Michael Jackson, before she finally deflated, and was found lying in a heap on a corner of one of our intersections while on her way to the bank. But really, it was Michael’s enormous talent that lay crumpled and discarded, showing up now and then only in remote settings.

I have no idea of knowing whether the crimes allegedly committed by him were real or not, but I know his talent was. His music and dancing brought the world to its feet.

Keep thinking.


6 Responses to “Stupidity Can Be Cruel”

  1. Elaine says:

    Yesterday was a sad day, though Farrah’s death was expected I was still quite saddened by it. Then hours later the death of Michael Jackson I was SHOCKED! I so agree with your post Keli. Last night I logged onto Twitter to see what was being said and some of it was downright nasty. Where is common decency? For one night could people not keep their mouth shut out of respect for his family? May he RIP.

  2. rebecca says:

    I hope Judy was not re-inflated. One less stuper would help us all.
    It was really sad to hear about Michael Jackson.

  3. Adam says:

    What a great site!
    Yes, stupidity can be cruel, treating people unfairly and saying the dumbest possible things. Mr. Jackson was a huge talent. But he was also vulnerable.

  4. jessica says:

    I was a huge fan of his music. It’s all very tragic

  5. MC says:

    I could not believe I saw a kid wearing a MJ t-shirt the day after his death, that said “1958-2009”. Greedy bastard stupers.

  6. Ferd says:

    Michael was a human being, with his set of imperfections to go along with his unique talents. I am old enough to well appreciate my own imperfections and am no longer as quick to judge as I used to be.
    The ancient Greeks had such a good feel for the Comedy and the Tragedy. MJ personified!

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