Stupidity and Karma

It’s tremendously satisfying as well as entertaining to witness the punishment of an act of stupidity moments after it occurs.

A few years ago, Son #2 and I waited in the car at the local college to pick up Son #1. While we sat, a large pick-up truck pulled in a nearby spot. As the occupant closest to us climbed out of the passenger side, a medium size, white paper bag tumbled out after him. A thinking, considerate human would have automatically picked up the bag and put it back in the truck or thrown it out in a nearby trash can, or at least conducted a quick scan around him for onlookers who’d hopefully shame him out of acting moronically. But this stuper (short again for a predominantly stupid person) glanced at the forlorn bag lying on the asphalt, and then kicked it underneath the truck.

“That’s bad karma right there,” I informed my amused child.

The dimwit next took out a skateboard from the bed of the truck, no doubt late for class, placed one foot on the board and kicked off into…where else? The main drag of the parking lot, filled with drivers hell-bent on finding parking spots.

As a car turned towards the supremely stupid skateboarder at that very moment, he suddenly lost his balance, fell off the board and hard on his butt onto the unyielding asphalt. The car screeched to a halt. The hapless fellow managed to stagger back to his feet, then winced as he rubbed his sorry ass posterior.

I’ve taught my kids never to laugh at the misfortune of others, but when I gave Son #2 a “What did I tell you?” look, he was grinning.

Sometimes there is immediate justice in this world. I’m glad I was there to witness it.

Why not think?


7 Responses to “Stupidity and Karma”

  1. Sarah says:

    I could really use some of this immediate justice about now. The stupers are running loose and there’s no stopping them! Help!

  2. omawarisan says:

    Karma is a 2 way street. I’d say getting a chance to witness it in action is your reward for bringing attention to the plight stupers inflict on the rest of us.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Bad parking lot karma is the worst kind of bad karma there is. It guarantees you will never find a close parking spot and that people will ding your door. You don’t mess with that mojo. He had it comin’.

  4. Elaine says:

    This was great! I needed a laugh and this was a true LOL. I normally do not laugh at others misfortunes either but this idiot had it coming.

  5. Obamy says:

    Amen! I believe in immediate justice too.
    Some times it comes quickly, like this case.

  6. Ferd says:

    The dude is headed for a Darwin Award. Just as well for the world to get his sorry posterior out of the gene pool!

  7. jessica says:

    it is the same when some jerk cuts you off in traffic and then he speeds down the road and gets pulled over by a cop! OH that is the most amazing sight I could see.

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