Juggling Stupidity on the Telephone

Yesterday, I had enormous fun juggling the management of two county-wide organizations, by myself, and handling the stupers (short for irrepressibly stupid persons) who persisted in calling. The desks of both associations face each other in one office, so I raced back and forth constantly. I nearly pole vaulted, using my umbrella, over each desk in order to answer the respective phones. Then I catapulted over the visitors’ chairs to unlatch the front door for the UPS man, while I was still on the phone. Being hyper energetic by nature, the sweat pants and sneakers only enhanced my mobility. The true challenge arose when the phones rang simultaneously. But that is fodder for a different post.

The callers are what really made my day. They generally seek legal information; I’m afraid it’s the issues they’re experiencing that cause me to stop and ponder: Where is the human race headed? Shouldn’t stupidity have been mostly eradicated by now?  I present Exhibit A: “Chuck” who stated,

“I need legal advice. I have a terminal illness…”

Immediately, I sank to the floor to accentuate the deep compassion I felt as well as my exhaustion from pole-vaulting, until he explained,

“I’ve had it since 1992…”

Is that possible? Forgive me if I sound idiotic, but doesn’t “terminal” mean approaching death? I mean, I’m grateful that he’d made it this long, but I had trouble with his word usage. It turned out he wanted to sue a drug company for medication he thought was not working. He’d lasted almost twenty years while taking the meds, so I didn’t follow his plight. Thankfully, he and the drug company were located in a different jurisdiction so I referred him elsewhere.

Next, came Luther. I like the name Luther. It reminds me both of Luther Burbank, the famous California botanist who sweet-talked his thorny cactus plants into losing their thorns, thereby creating the spineless cactus. It’s true. My guru said so (more on my guru in an upcoming post). Wikipedia confirms this phenomenon.

Luther also reminds me of Lex Luthor, the supervillain in comic books and Superman’s archenemy. Lex allegedly lost his hair in a laboratory accident, and well, the rest, as they say, is history. I know how I feel when I have a bad hair day. I can only surmise what would happen if I lost my hair while conducting one of my stuper lab experiments.

Anyway, my caller, Luther, complained to me that he was being tortured and has continued being tortured for some time. I asked for the name of his tormentor.

“Oh, it’s not a person.”

I patiently waited, while I heard the other line ringing. I casually inquired, “Is it the po-po?” (This is the part where I begin to slightly suffer an imbalance in my mind; when this occurs, my speech is the first to go).


While he paused, I picked up the other line, only to find the caller had hung up. I breathed a thirty second long sigh of relief. I forgot about Luther until I heard a voice on the speakerphone say (I had to place him on speaker to answer the other call; my umbrella was not handy):

“It’s the Internet. I’m being tortured by the Internet.”

So here’s where I draw the line. I can’t even go into the reasons why as I am currently in relax mode, but I feel confident my dear readers know what I’m talking about. I convinced Luther that this was a matter for Homeland Security and got off the phone.


Please think.



6 Responses to “Juggling Stupidity on the Telephone”

  1. Jenny says:

    I can totally relate to Internet torture.

  2. omawarisan says:

    I have been terminal since November, 1961. I’d like to see that my family is taken care of after I’m gradually gone. Can you help me?

    Please enjoy your mode!

  3. Sergio says:

    Dear Keli, my dad used to walk in the house with his walker
    every day, saying “life is beautiful”.
    Life was beautiful for him maybe because he didn’t have computer and hence no Internet.

  4. Steve says:

    I’m afraid I couldn’t appreciate the bulk of this post, my mind was filled with the image of you pole-vaulting between desks.

  5. Elaine says:

    Or perhaps Luther needed a psychiatrist, sounds like you’re getting many callers that might do better talking to one as opposed to an attorney.

  6. Onedia says:

    priceless truly priceless …if only we could refer all our annoyances there.

    love your wit.

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