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Stupidity and Attitude and Foreclosures

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

I re-adjusted my attitude and found that I was no longer disturbed by stupers (short for infuriatingly stupid persons). Not even a little annoyed. I impressed everyone with my supreme calm and perpetually happy smile. This lasted for a little over two months.

Don’t worry, I’m still seldom disturbed, and I am mostly calm and wear a cheery smile regularly, but I understand, there are readers who are incredibly irritated by prolific stupidity. For example, Reader Tammy almost pummeled (at least mentally and verbally) a stuper who entered her home. She wondered if it was okay to unleash her frustration on an idiot. I say it is allowed…to a point.


When Tammy could no longer afford her mortgage payments and her bank refused to modify her loan or communicate with her in any intelligent way or form, her home was listed as a short sale and purchased. The assholes, criminally insane, heartless/mindless subhuman bastards, people who ran Tammy’s bank, sent over an appraiser to value the property. An appraiser, I know from past experience, enters, visually examines the premises and leaves. Very little talk, other than that of the smallest caliber, is made.  Unfortunately, this appraiser was a card-carrying stuper. A card which he proudly displayed every time he opened his mouth.

 “Wow! The buyer sure got a deal on this place!”  “This is a great time for buyers, isn’t it?” “This was a steal!”

I suggested Tammy not condemn the moron, but rather point out his insensitivity and utter lack of understanding of the plight of many homeowners (in case you’ve not noticed, lenders filed a record 3.8 million foreclosures in 2010). Yet, it is important for thinking, breathing humans, not to condone the actions of the mentally deficient.


In other words, poisoning is not allowed, but hissing does have its place.

Please think.